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10 Day Drive — Terms and Conditions

*Last updated 10/08/2023*

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between 10 Day Drive, herein referred to as the “Company,” and the learner driver, identified by the terms “you” or “your.” The context pertains to the engagement in the booking and participation in driving lessons, both practical and theoretical, offered by the Company through its platform.

1. Driving Courses

  1. The Courses available through 10 Day Drive are open to learners in England only. By booking a course, you confirm that you hold, or are eligible for, a valid UK provisional driving licence. After booking your course, you’ll be required to complete an online ” Form.” The Course Fees (“Fees”) include 10 Day Drive’s administration fee, the tuition fee for lessons from the driving instructor, and the DVSA driving test fee(s). The fees do not include the costs of a theory test, which can be booked for an additional fee of £23.

  2. As the practical driving test and theory test require your own skill and knowledge, 10 Day Drive does not guarantee that you will pass. The Company does not guarantee specific preferences regarding driving instructor details.

  3. If over 6 months pass without passing the theory test, your fees may be adjusted, and your booking may be placed on hold.

  4. The Company reserves the right to amend or remove certain courses, packages, or promotions at its discretion.

2. Payments

  1. Initial Payment- When you start booking a course, you’ll need to make a first payment that you can’t get back later. This payment is important because it shows that you’re serious about reserving your course.

  2. Full Payment- If you don’t pay for the whole course when you book it, the Company will get in touch with you to help you pay the remaining money. You must pay this remaining amount within a certain time frame: Within 7 days after the Company assigns a driving instructor to you, or before your very first lesson, whichever comes first. If you don’t pay on time, the Company can stop your course, which means your planned lessons and driving tests might be cancelled or moved.

  3. Payment to the Instructor-The Company will take care of paying your driving instructor. But, if you don’t set up these payments or don’t follow the right steps to cancel or change things, the Company can ask you for money on behalf of the instructor.

  4. How to Pay- To make sure your payments are safe; the Company accepts payment from major credit and debit cards. You can do this online or over the phone.

3. Lessons

  1. License Requirement

1.1. The presentation of a valid UK provisional driving license to the designated driving instructor is a prerequisite for the commencement of           your first lesson. Additionally, it is incumbent upon you to ensure the possession of your driving license during all subsequent lessons               and tests. The failure to adhere to this requirement may result in the cancellation of scheduled lessons or tests without entitlement to a             refund.

2. Instructor Change

2.1. prospect of instructor changes is subject to specific conditions. Should you elect to effectuate an instructor change or initiate                             amendments to your course structure, the Company will try to accommodate these changes subject to the availability of alternative                 instructors. An administrative fee of £25 is eligible for each instance of instructor change.

3. Lesson Arrangements

3.1. The specifics pertaining to the scheduling of driving lessons, including the commencement time and designated location, shall be                      mutually agreed upon by you and the assigned driving instructor. This collaborative process is designed to optimize the effective                      utilization of lesson time and to foster a productive learning environment.

4. Punctuality

4.1. The imperative of punctuality is paramount. You are enjoined to adhere to the stipulated lesson start times. The commitment to                          punctuality is founded upon the awareness that driving instructors may be obligated to undertake subsequent lessons, rendering                      extensions unfeasible due to late arrivals.

5. Missed Lessons

5.1. The absence from a scheduled lesson renders you liable for the full tuition fee associated with that lesson. Furthermore, the duration of            the missed lesson shall be deducted from the aggregate hours of the course.

 6. Instructor Policy

6.1. Each driving instructor maintains an individualized policy concerning the cancellation or rearrangement of lessons. It is incumbent upon           you to familiarize yourself with these policies and to conform to the stipulated protocols.

7. Behavioural Standards

7.1. The driving instructor reserves the prerogative to withhold the continuation of a driving lesson in instances where your behaviour is                   characterized by the use of abusive language, threats, or any behaviour deemed detrimental to the learning environment. Additionally,             the instructor may exercise discretion in refusing to proceed with a lesson if there is a reasonable belief that you are under the influence         of alcohol or drugs.

8. Instructor Illness or Circumstances

8.1. The Company shall evaluate instances of cancelled or missed lessons due to circumstances beyond your control, such as instructor                illness or vehicle breakdowns, on a case-by-case basis. The evaluation process aims to ensure equitable treatment while considering              the challenges that arise from factors beyond the Company’s or the instructor’s control.

9. Lesson Availability

9.1. You are obligated to maintain a reasonable level of availability for lessons on a weekly basis, reflecting your commitment to the learning            process.

10. Course Initiation Timeline

10.1. Upon booking a course, you are granted a six-month window to commence your driving lessons, unless alternative arrangements are              expressly agreed upon between you and the Company. The expiration of this period without the commencement of lessons shall                      render the initial deposit and up to 100% of the course fees non-refundable.

4. Practical Driving Tests

1. Test Scheduling

1.1. The Company undertakes the responsibility to secure a practical driving test date that aligns with your reasonable preferences. This                  pursuit of a suitable test date shall be initiated within seven days from the working day following the completion of your Form or within              seven days from the working day subsequent to your successful completion of the theory test, if applicable.

2. On-Hold Status and Search Period

2.2. It is pivotal to recognize that periods during which your course is on hold do not contribute toward the stipulated 30-day search period for         a suitable test date. The Company shall diligently assess the relevance of on-hold intervals within the framework of the overall booking           process.

3. Test Booking Progress

3.1. In instances where the Company faces impediments in advancing the test booking process due to challenges such as inadequate                   access to the DVSA booking site, the temporal duration lapsed shall not be counted within the 30-day search period.

4. Test Date Communication

4.1. Upon identification of a potential test date, the Company shall promptly communicate this proposition via email. The stipulated time                 frame  for your response to accept or decline this test date is five days from the dispatch of the email. Non-responsive instances within            this period shall result in the reassignment of the proposed test date and the temporary suspension of your course.

5. Test Time Integration

5.1. The temporal allotment for the practical driving test is incorporated within the overall course duration. Depending on geographic                       considerations, a maximum of four hours from your course may be earmarked for the practical driving test date.

6. Test Changes and Cancellations

6.1. The Company accords you the latitude to modify or cancel both theory and practical driving tests. However, such changes necessitate              adherence to a notification period of at least three working days before the scheduled test date.

7. Late Notice and Fees

7.1. Failure to provide the stipulated five working days’ notice for test changes or cancellations mandates the payment of standard DVSA               fees of £62.00 for practical driving tests or £23.00 for theory tests. This financial obligation is augmented by an administration fee for               expedited processing.

8. Test Appointment Adjustments

8.1. Requests to adjust test appointments necessitate the settlement of an administration fee, which facilitates the requisite procedural                   adjustments. This fee is waivable upon the addition of supplemental course hours.

9. DVSA Test Changes

9.1. It is imperative to recognize that any alterations or cancellations initiated by the DVSA in relation to tests are beyond the purview of the           Company’s liability. You and the Company shall be duly notified by the DVSA of such developments.

10. Test Availability

10.1. It is incumbent upon you not to predicate bookings on the assumption of weekend or evening practical driving tests. Availability for                   practical driving tests is confined to the window of 07:00 to 15:30, Monday to Friday. Notwithstanding, the acquisition of a weekend or             evening test date shall incur an additional charge of £12.

11. Instructor Discretion in Test Usage

11.1. The instructor reserves the prerogative to withhold the use of their vehicle for practical tests in cases where they deem your driving                   performance to fall below requisite standards. This determination is predicated on considerations encompassing the safety of all parties           involved and the avoidance of potential damage to property.

5. Cancellations & Refunds

1. Cancellation Entitlement

2. Within a 14-day window after your completion of the order process, whether through online, email, or phone, you possess the prerogative to          cancel your booking. The Company commits to providing a full refund within this time frame. However, specific conditions exist where the              Company retains the initial deposit to offset work conducted on your behalf, thereby negating entitlement to a complete refund.

3. Test Acceptance and Instructor Allocation

4. Circumstances wherein you have accepted a test offered by the Company or an instructor has been allocated to your course impact refund            eligibility.

5. Refund Circumstances

6. The non-refundable deposit remains retained unless specific circumstances merit its refund:

7. Failure to secure a suitable theory or practical test within 15 days of your fully completed Form’s receipt.

8. The need to sit the theory test at the time of course booking, with the 15-day window commencing on the working day following your theory           test passage notification.

9. Failure to allocate a driving instructor within 30 days of confirming the suitability of your practical test date, with the initiation of the 30-day              period after your completed Form receipt.

10. After allocation of a suitable driving instructor, 100% of fees become non-refundable. A suitable instructor is defined as a DVSA-approved              instructor situated within your vicinity.

11. Refund Mechanism

12. Refunds, if applicable, are channelled back to the original payment method utilized for the initial transaction. The timeline for this process              may extend up to 10 working days from the date of processing, culminating in the reflection of funds in the recipient account.

13. Unused Hours

14. Unutilized hours within a lesson package procured via the Company remain non-refundable and non-transferable. The flexibility to utilize                these hours for supplementary tuition, such as motorway driving lessons, is contingent upon the discretion of the designated driving instructor.

6. On Hold & Expired Bookings

1. Course On-Hold

1.1. The Company reserves the authority to suspend all associated activities and efforts pertaining to your course when it is placed on hold.           This suspension remains in effect until the Company receives instructions to reactivate the course.

2. On-Hold Criteria

2.1. Course on-hold status may arise under varied circumstances:

3. Instruction by you to place the course on hold.

3.1. The Company’s attempts to establish communication with you remaining unanswered for 14 days.

3.2. Absence of your response to a test appointment proposal within 7 days.

3.3. Non-adherence to fee payment requirements within stipulated timeframes.

4. Reactivation and Fees

4.1. Reactivating a course on hold necessitates the payment of a £20 administrative fee. Moreover, the Company retains the discretion to               adjust course fees in line with prevailing rates during the reactivation process.

5. Booking Expiry

5.1. In scenarios where a course remains on hold for a continuous period exceeding 90 days, the booking shall expire. Concomitantly, all               associated fees shall become non-refundable, with exceptions subject to explicit clauses.

7. Behaviour

1. Zero-Tolerance Policy

1.1. The Company maintains a zero-tolerance policy against any form of abuse, harassment, or violence, whether verbal or physical, directed          towards its staff members or driving instructors. In such instances, the Company reserves the right to cancel your booking outright.                  Furthermore, the non-refundable nature of the deposit is reiterated. Additionally, the Company retains the prerogative to classify up to             100% of the remaining fees as non-refundable to account for incurred costs.

8. Limitation of Liability

1. Responsibilities and Limitations

1.1. The Company’s responsibilities to you, as a learner driver, are explicated within this clause. It is acknowledged that the Company does           not seek to exclude or limit liability in cases where such exclusion or limitation would contravene prevailing legal regulations.

2. Criteria for Liability

2.1.The Company and its driving instructors shall be held accountable for loss or damage only when the following criteria are met:

2.2. A breach of a legal duty owed to you is established.

2.3. The loss or damage is reasonably foreseeable because of a breach of this legal duty.

2.4. The loss or damage is not attributable to any actions, breaches, or omissions on your part.

2.5. The loss or damage does not emanate from circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Company, driving instructor, or yourself.

3. Business-Related Losses

3.1. Recognizing the consumer nature of your engagement, the Company absolves itself from liability for losses pertaining to business                   activities. Such losses encompass profit diminution, business loss, or the loss of business opportunities.

4. Non-Contractual Liability

4.1. The non-participation of the Company in the contractual arrangement between you and the instructor for the provision of driving tuition              does not nullify the Company’s liability for any loss or damage ensuing from a breach of legal obligations toward you.

5.  Timely Issue Reporting

5.1. You are encouraged to promptly communicate any concerns related to your course. Delays in notifying the Company of issues before              the course’s conclusion will render such concerns outside the purview of the Company’s consideration.

9. Use of Personal Data

1. Data Protection and Usage

2. Personal data furnished by you shall be handled and processed in conformity with the Company’s Privacy Policy and the provisions of the              Data Protection Act 2018. Your data shall be employed for specific purposes, including:

3. Personal data furnished by you shall be handled and processed in conformity with the Company’s Privacy Policy and the provisions of the              Data Protection Act 2018. Your data shall be employed for specific purposes, including:

4. Coordinating and managing theory and practical driving tests.

5. Facilitating communication between driving instructors and you for lesson coordination.

6. Facilitating payment processing for tuition and test fees.

7. Engaging in necessary correspondence regarding your course.

8. Providing marketing communications upon obtaining your consent.

9. Sharing personal data with authorized third parties as legally required or permitted.

10. Test Booking Management

11. To oversee test bookings effectively, the Company shall access the DVSA website using the details you provide in the Form. This involves the        alteration of the contact email address to that of the Company, ensuring the reception of notifications from the DVSA. By proceeding with the        course booking, you provide consent for the Company to undertake this action for test management purposes.

12. DVSA Notifications

13. The Company shall communicate with you regarding any notifications received from the DVSA.

10. Law

1. Jurisdiction.

2. These Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of England.

11. Complaints Procedure

The process for addressing complaints is articulated as follows:

 1. Complaint Handling

2. The Company accords significant importance to customer complaints. Should you wish to file a complaint, you are directed to email                 support@10daydrive.com. The Company commits to responding to and investigating all complaints within a five-working-day timeframe.

3. Please note that the information presented in these Terms and Conditions remains accurate as of the last update on 10th August 2023.            The Company retains the right to enact changes to these Terms and Conditions as necessary, with due communication to learners                  regarding any amendments needed.

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