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Intensive 10DayDrive Courses In Birmingham

At 10DayDrive Driving School, our goal is to do more than just get you through your driving test; we strive to mold you into an exceptional and safe driver. our comprehensive program covers essential skills like position on the road and and lane discipline, safety checks, night driving, handling hazardous conditions, dealing with traffic, navigating complex junctions and roundabouts and much more. To further improve your abilities, we offer mock tests with external instructors, and when possible, even retired DVSA examiners. With this approach, we aim to make you an outstanding and responsible driver, fully prepared for all your future journeys.

What does 10DayDrive offer?

10DayDrive specializes in exclusive intensive crash driving courses in Birmingham. Our experienced DVSA-approved instructors aim to help you pass your test in as little as 10 days, whether you're a beginner or have prior experience. Contact us for course details and pricing. Our mission is to support your journey to becoming a skilled and confident driver.

Benefits on intensive drive test

Secure your full UK driving licence in just 10 days! Our personalized one-to-one courses offer comprehensive knowledge and experience within a short timeframe. With a track record of numerous successful passes and extensive experience, we guarantee a quick and confident path to passing your driving test. Contact us today via phone or online booking to seize these advantages for yourself.

DVSA Approved Driving Instructors

Our team of driving instructors consists of fully qualified DVSA-approved professionals who specialize in Intensive Driving Courses.

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Fast Track Practical Driving Test

Secure your practical test as early as next week! It's included with each driving course.

10DayDriving Courses


Designed for newcomers and individuals without driving experience, the beginner course spans 50 hours across 10 days. Our expert instructors lead the program, which includes an external mock test. Learners who've completed the theory test can opt out, and you can even select your preferred test center for extra convenience.


Geared towards drivers with prior experience, our intermediate course spans 30 hours over 10 days. Guided by experienced instructors, the program encompasses an independent external mock test. If you've already tackled the theory test, you can bypass it, and the flexibility to select your preferred test center enhances convenience.

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1-day crash course, spanning 6 hours, tailored for our existing 10DAYDRIVE customers boasting a minimum of 40 hours of driving experience. This intensive program provides a compact schedule, ideal for learners aiming to assess driving skills and gear up for the driving test quickly.

A week at 10daydrive

  • Lesson to Evaluate driving Level
  • Daily intensive driving lessons
  • external driving examiner to assess progress
  • Expert instructors providing personalized guidance
  • Building confidence and skills for the practical driving test.
  • We cover all of Birmingham if you are unsure please contact us.

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