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Experience level

You’re looking for a comprehensive driving course for total beginners, starting with the very basics


Lessons typically take

8-10 Days

(2 to 5 hours per lesson)

Why Choose 10DayDrive?

Flexible intensive driving course to Learn and pass in your local area, ensuring familiar roads during your test.

Experienced and DVSA-approved instructors for expert guidance.

Fast-tracked practical driving test to save time.

Tailored courses for all experience levels, from beginners to those with some driving experience.

Specialized training for 10daydrive instructors allows us to deliver intensive courses effectively.

Instructors receive incentives to ensure your first-attempt success.

We provide specialised designed routes in the city center tackling complex and unusual Junctions.Preparing you for real life situations after you pass the test.

Flexible intensive driving course to fit your schedule.

Option to choose your preferred test center for familiarity.

Enjoy convenient home and workplace pickups for a hassle-free experience.

Experience a comprehensive course with extended motorway driving training, enhancing your skills well beyond passing your test

Enhance your skills with two external mock examinations integrated into the course

Enjoy 2 hours of follow-up training in your personal car after your pass the test

Exciting £50 reward for first-time passer

Get a guaranteed fast-track practical driving test in 1-3 weeks after your course and skip the 6-month wait

The Beginner Course presents the option to include the theory test, enhancing your understanding of responsible driving

We understand that some learners might have already taken the theory test, and that's totally fine! You have the option to opt-out of the theory test and focus solely on your practical skills.

Driving Lessons for Beginners

During your lessons, we'll fine-tune your abilities and provide an examiner mock test to boost your confidence Plus, you get to choose your preferred test center for familiarity. With our fast-tracking test booking service, we'll secure you an early test at your preferred center, and structure your course around this date, so you feel fully prepared for the big day

Get ready to embark on an exciting driving journey with 10DayDrive! Our team of expert instructors is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you feel fully prepared for your big day. Let's hit the road together.

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You have some driving experience, but there's more to learn and improve to boost your skills and confidence

Course Intensity

6-10 Days



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Exclusive for previous 10DayDrive customers, a 1-day crash course over 6 hours for learners with 40 hours of experience.

Course Intensity


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